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Product Size Quantity
Yacht wash by Etiquette Marine 1L
Yacht wash by Etiquette Marine 5L
Yacht wash by Etiquette Marine 20L
Two Part teak cleaner by Etiquette Marine 10L KIT (5LX2)
Bag of blanket rags - white 10kg
Bag of sheet rags - white Cleaning rags 10kg
XL Pro Chamois each
Deckie micro fiber each
Star Clean Stainless Polish 150g Tube
K2R Cleaner 150G Can
Blue Tape 14 Day 3M 24mmX55m roll
Blue Tape 14 day 3M 48mmX55m roll
Basic washing Mitt each
Vinegar 20L
Spray bottle 500ml with trigger each
Just Teak premium teak protection 1L
SW77340 Extra Soft Brush - Blue each
SW77345 7.5" Soft Flagged Brush - Yellow each
SW77350 Medium Brush - Non Skid each
SW55450 Dual-Axis Swivel Plate - deck scrubber each
Teak Cleaning Scourers - 5 pack soft,Med,hard 5 pack
SW45670 6ft-11ft Perfect Pole Telescopic each
SW31315 Aquazorber Drying Mop 2 " each
SW61855 Sheepskin Wash Mitt with Thumb each
SW61865 Chenille Micro Fibre Mitt each
SW19140 Soft Washing Tool & Genuine Sheepskin each
SW19155 Genuine Sheepskin Replacement each
SW66610 Threaded Adapter each
No. 845 Insulator Wax 16oz
No. 850 Metal Wax 16oz
No. 850 Metal Wax 64oz
No. 855 Leather and Vinyl Wax 16oz
No. 870 Fleetwax liquid 16oz
No. 870 Fleetwax Liquid 64oz
No. 885 Fleetwax Paste 18oz
No. 900 Mold Release 12oz
No. 920 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner 16oz
No. 920 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner 64oz
No. 925 Fiberglass Boat Wax 16oz
No. 126 Liquid Sapphire 16oz
No. 476s Super Double Coat Auto Wax 9oz
No. 476s Super Double Coat Auto Wax 18oz
No. 840 pre wax cleaner 16oz
No. 915 Marque de elegance 12oz
Fuel Right - Fuel treatment    
15k Fuel right 30ml
15k Fuel right 177ml
15k Fuel right 1.89L
30K fuel right 1L
30K fuel right 5L
30K fuel right 10L
Engine Room / Deck    
All purpose cleaner degreaser(alkiline base) 20L
Oxalic based rust remover 20L
Drum taps each
Safety glasses basic each
Ear Muffs basic 3M each
Metho 4L
Acetone 4L
3M 6251 Spraying respirator starter kit a1p2 each
Chief Stewardess Pantry    
Wine away 360ml
Wine away 240ml
Rinse Aid for dishwasher 20L
Rinse Aid for dishwasher 5L
Dishwasher powder 20L
Ocean fresh laundry liquid 20L
Multi purpose spray and wipe 5L
Glass Cleaner 20L
Glass Cleaner 5l
Vynil protection 20L
Vynil protection 5L
Liquid dish soap 5L
Basic toilet tissue 400 sheet 2 ply 48 rolls
QueaseEase Classic inhaler 2.25ml
Leather Cleaner 20L
Leather Condtioner 20L
Leather cleaner 5L
Leather Conditioner 5L
Heavy Duty Garbage bags Large 72 - 80L 50x4 200bags
Brasso Metal Polish 250ml
Gumpton paste tub 500ml
Distilled Water 2L
Fluffy Fabric Softener 5L
Paper Towel 3pack
Lemon disinfectant 5L

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