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All hands on deck

Gold Coast Marine Services for all boats and yachts

Our boat services range from simple wash downs to full yacht support and management

Wash Downs

Something that should not be overlooked. Keeping the paint and gelcoat clean from dirt, salt and pollution stops contaminates entering the surface. Ask us about discounts for regular washes.

Filtered Water Tank fills

Our water filter removes bad tastes and odours, chlorine, dirt and sediment, colours, rust, algae, bacteria, scale, salts, calcium and heavy metals such as lead. We fill your tanks with clean, fresh and pure water. We are the only service provider on the Gold Coast.

2 Part Teak Cleaning

We use a specially formulated two part cleaning process that will bring teak back to a golden brown once again. We can also seal, re-plank and re-caulk using the best materials available.

Stainless Rejuvination

Etiquette Marine prides itself in hand polishing stainless to the best achievable shine using quality polishes and finishing waxes. Book online for a discounted rate, and ask about regular’s discounts.


Relax and unwind onboard your own yacht with our experienced massage therapist. Offering a variety of styles and techniques, she will ensure you and your guests are stress free and ready for the open water.

Bunker Support

Marine fuel is an important part of your yacht’s performance. Etiquette Marine sources the best fuels and lubricants, meeting quality and safety standards. We can have these transported to South-East Queensland by road tanker to selected locations.

Interior Cleaning

The upmost care should go into cleaning the delicate interiors of yachts. Most household cleaners and chemicals can be too hash. Etiquette Marine uses techniques used within the super-yacht industries to achieve a perfect looking interior.

Engine Room & Bilges

Keeping your Engine room and Bilges clean is an important aspect of your vessel often forgotten under hatches. Etiquette Marine cleans bilges with environmental friendly products and disposes of waste responsibly.

Basic Repairs

We at Etiquette Marine have over 10 years experience in the marine industry. We have been in many situations that can occur on your vessel and know how how to make basic repairs, paint repairs, marine sealant wipes & more. If needed we can also source one of our specialists.

Full Yacht Support & Management

Etiquette Marine prides it self in looking after its clients vessels as their own – checking lines, bilges, engines on a weekly basis. Using preventative maintenance keeps cost to a minimum and machinery and components working and not out of service.

We Stock Yacht Care, Custom Products & Accessories

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Support for your yacht

Our wide range of support services cover everything you might need


Covers all interior requirements for your yacht, stocking a wide range of cleaning products, laundry and guest amenities


We have a vast knowledge of all deck supplies. We stock the brands that are trusted by many and used through out the yachting industry. Contact our team for all your deck supply needs.


All of your food and beverage requirements, from fresh fruit and vegetables, beef, poultry, seafood, cheese dry goods and beverages.


Contact Etiquette marine for Gold Coast marine support what ever time of the day – fuel, provisions, fresh flowers, champagne on arrival, decorations and more.

On water support tender

6.5m RIB in Commercial Survey for 8+1 crew. Transport guests to your vessel from any Gold Coast marina / beach. Offer transfers to water front restaurants, provisions to your vessel at anchor, real estate inspections.

Marine Crew

Our years of experience puts us in an excellent position to crew your yacht, weather you need a Captain, host, stewardess, deckhand or chef.