Etiquette Marine – Just Teak for Gold coast and South East Queensland

Etiquette Marine now stock Just teak two part cleaner and solvent sealer, This product is great to restore the golden lustre in teak decks and furniture and after cleaning is complete you can keep them look great with the sealer. Etiquette Marine is also able to come and complete the hard work for you and get you decks looking great.



Superyacht Boom
Superyacht Boom for Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Metro recently published a story claiming a ‘superyacht boom’ is headed to the Gold Coast!

“THE boss of the Gold Coast’s biggest marina says the Commonwealth Games is going to be a huge drawcard for superyachts to the city.

Just over two years out from the 2018 Games, Gold Coast City Marina chief executive officer Steve Sammes is expecting a flotilla of superyachts to steam in.”

Read full story here

Adding / removing links from your bracelets

We’ve kept it nice and easy to add or remove links from your bracelet to keep them customisable and adjustable should the size need to be changed slightly. Follow our three-step guide below:

Refer to the images provided to help you out and should you need further assistance we’re always happy to help.

Step One – Pull the links that you want to remove/add and hold tight to the exposed part of the link

Step Two – The exposed part of the link hooks on the next link. Hold them tight and unclip them from each other

Step Three – With the hooks exposed you can now add or remove links following steps one and two

Modelled on Arm
How to measure for your bracelet

We’ve made sure to keep the measuring process nice and easy for the bracelets we sell. After some testing and feedback we’ve made a nice simple guide to getting the fit just right.

Nautical Code Flag Bracelet:

Our Nautical Code Flag Bracelets stretch a little for maximum comfort. To get a perfect fit we advise measuring around the wrist and adding 1cm, this extra centimetre ensures the bracelet won’t be sliding around your wrist, but also won’t be too tight so that it is uncomfortable. We ship them our with an extra link so you can add a little more space should you need it. If you need a custom size feel free to either send us a message before ordering, or simply order the closest size and leave a comment in the box provided at the checkout with the size you’d like.

If you need help adding / removing links, read our quick guide here.

Hand Made Bracelets

As these don’t stretch, we advise measuring the wrist and adding 2cm / 1 inch. This ensures a good fit with a little movement on the wrist without being annoying or uncomfortable. As with the Flag Bracelets we can make custom sizes should you need it. Contact us before hand or select the closest size on the product page and leave a comment in the box provided at the checkout with the size you need.

As a rough guide, the small size is best for women / children, medium tends to fit most men and we also offer large and extra large as we understand everyone is different!